Wallpaper Installation Guide

Sometimes this doesn’t work so well and it’s just best to keep removing the primary section and come back and remove any smaller pieces later. I found a technique for removing the first print layer of wallpaper. When pulling this first layer, pull away from the direction that the paper is lifting rather than towards […]

How to use a TikTok video as your phone’s background Popular Science

The Apple Watch arguably remains the best smartwatch available for smartphones, regardless of whether you use iOS or Android. While the Series 7 has been seen as a rather lackluster update, it’s still a fantastic choice for everyone who isn’t upgrading from the Series 6. Start by cutting down a piece of foam core wallpapers […]

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper Border? How-to-Guide

So slowly work with your smoothing tool to push these bumbles out the sides where your seams are. Place long strips of double stick tape along the top edge wallpapers of your wall on top of the painter’s tape, and adhere your sheet of wallpaper to it. Now you’ll basically end up going underneath the […]

How to Use Your Own Photos as Screen Savers on a Mac

Learn the ins and outs of surface design and pattern design with this guide and tutorial. This is one of those fields where you’ll want to have experience in addition to a degree, instead of in place of it. Mass market collections are produced for mid- and lower-level retailers and are sold at a more […]